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Entry #2


2009-06-30 23:24:47 by Mr-Molotov

I suck at drawing, fuck.
People hate me in the Art Portal, lolololol.
I don't care what JoeDaRetard or PsychoMoron say, they are just kiddos with no life.
My drawings suck and thats da truth.
The bad ones and the "good" ones.
What did you guys were thinking when you said (in the forums) that my new drawings were "GOOD"?!
OMG, I mean, I fucking got unscouted, o_O.
Anyway, my drawings with pencil and paper are totally different, but I don't know how to use a scanner xD LOLOLOL.
Anyway, I suck at MS Paint.

R.I.P. Until I improve in my drawings.

Good Bye



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2009-07-02 15:45:37

See you when you get back.


2009-11-06 05:49:18

They don't suck. You suck.